CS373 Spring 2021 Blog #9: Remus Wong

  1. What did you do this past week?
    Chillaxing over Spring break has caught up with me. All my projects were due this week so I’ve been grinding out this class and my computer graphics project which is taking a toll on me right now. I finished up the database with my teammate and found out the SQLAlchemy is actually a really handy tool. I had one project where I was writing raw sql statements as strings in java and passing those indirectly as queries and it was a nightmare to debug and change.
  2. What’s in your way?
    I think that we have gotten the hard part of the project out of the way. I was working on the database with another member of my group and we were running into issues with our data because some of it is garbage so we’ll need to do some more refining next phase and get more meaningful data. In addition, I still have the postman tests to get working which is still a little confusing to me.
  3. What will you do next week?
    I hope to take a little bit of a break (from this class) next week. Then its back to plunging my head into the database once again and trying to clean things up.
  4. If you read it, what did you think of the Interface Segregation Principle?
    I have not yet read the article but I plan on reading it after writing this blog :)
  5. What was your experience of comprehensions, yield, closures, and decorators? (this question will vary, week to week)
    I think that decorators are a really cool feature in python. While downing mainly showed it as an example of a way to help debugging, I imagine it could be useful in a lot of other cases. I’ve come across yielding before as I’ve written some C# in Unity and never really understood completely what it does but now I understand.
  6. What made you happy this week?
    A better way to phrase is what will make me happy this week. Well, finishing all my projects will make me happy and once my allergies blow over this week I will start to feel better.
  7. What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?
    Turns out not everybody knows about VSCode’s liveshare extension. This is really helpful, especially in an online environment, to work with your other teammates and pair program. It basically acts as a google doc for your code and it is really easy to set up and is supported by Microsoft!




Computer science major at UT

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Remus Wong

Remus Wong

Computer science major at UT

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