CS373 Spring 2021: Remus Wong

  1. Where did you grow up?
    I’ve lived in Houston, Texas my entire life.
  2. What high school did you attend?
    Austin High School
  3. What was your favorite extracurricular activity in high school?
    I was really active in debate during high school and think that it was a great experience.
  4. Why did you come to UT?
    Can’t beat that instate tuition. Regardless, I knew UT had a solids CS program and I haven’t regretted my choice.
  5. Why are you majoring in CS?
    I’ve interests have always oriented towards the STEM fields and my interests in computers naturally led me to CS.
  6. Why are you in this class?
    I enjoy more project-based classes and I think that the skills learned in this class will be applicable in a variety of ways.
  7. What are your expectations of this class?
    I’m hoping to work on the backend portion of the project and see what it is like working in a larger group than I am normally familiar with.
  8. How much Javascript/Python/SQL/Web programming do you already know?
    Coming into college I dabbled with some frontend javascript frameworks like Angular and React but found it wasn’t for me. Last semester I took Data Management which had some fun projects so I have some familiarity with using AWS now.
  9. How did you like the two lectures?
    After taking OOP with Downing last Spring, the structure is very similar so I enjoyed them.
  10. How did you feel about the cold calling?
    Over time, I’ve gotten used to it but it definitely does make me pay more attention at times during lectures, especially over online classes.
  11. What made you happy this week?
    My schedule is solidified and I like all the classes that I am taking and the earliest I ever have to wake up is at 10am. I really messed up my sleeping schedule over winter break after I camped outside a Microcenter for a ryzen 5900x and an RTX 3070 and started sleeping at 6am every day. #Worth
  12. What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?
    VSCode has some cool extensions for Docker that are included in the remote work package. I haven’t used it myself but it seems very intuitive if you are new to Docker.

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